If you are from Spokane and you do what you love long enough, eventually you begin to think you've done it with just about every Mac/Apple person in the whole area....the truth is, our clients are what make the computer business interesting.

If I had a nickel for everytime I told someone to backup, backup, backup...well,

  There was Donna Lang of Vector Graphics and Trevor of Quinn Lipe, photographers at Anastatia’s, Green Gables and Barry at Commercial on Sprague, musicians like Kevin Wakefield, Joe Close or the guys at Bing Bang Boom. Can’t forget Fink at Dodson’s, Ron at Hi Rel Labs or Robin at the Spokane Club and Vincent De Felice of North by Northwest.
     I set up the Xserve at Bing Bang Boom’s Studio over twenty years ago, introduced Charlie Shmidt at City Graphics to both the world wide web and a Wacom graphics tablet…..Saved Pig-Out-In-The-Park for Bill Burke when his Mac crashed and all his data disappeared just two days before the event, the same thing I did for the folks at First Nite Spokane. Greg Lloyd couldn’t have been happier after I managed to recover four years worth of research associated with a cutting edge weight loss invention, as was Elaine Hedge of Elaine Hedge Graphics after I recovered five years worth of clients graphic files that were essentially gone.


     Artists like James LaVigne, Virginia Carter and Stan Miller,movie producers like Ben Kenyon, Ron Ford and Reggie whose six months of movie editing had turned to mush to due a corrupt Final Cut Pro file and the authors John Dalmas, Lee King and countless others. The creative genuises that I have had the priveledge of knowing through their machines. Television personalities, real estate agents, business men an chefs...all Mac users all people who thought outside the box.

     Sure I work on Macs but the real joy comes from working with Mac people and seeing the joy in their faces after returning a working machine to them with all their data on it.




I really like not seeing my clients.....most times I don't see them for years, which is great, because it just means their machines are running good and that perhaps I did my job right.